Freq.SF is a fictional forward thinking music entity located in San Francisco, that takes the best information possible in the bay area surrounding the electronic dance music scene and shares the information in a convenient brand package. Imagery is portrayed through radiant colors, and revitalizing abstract art. Part of the brand includes an iPhone app along with a web site, an online commercial bumper, products, and advertising.


Keywords: Abstract, frequency, dance

iPhone App

The Frequency: If you're on the go, you can listen to the latest music.

Events: View the latest events with event information, rsvp via facebook, buy tickets, ticket information to enter events, current capacity of the event, and location of the venue via gps.

Media: View photo's and video's from events.

Blog: Access the mobile version of the blog.

Phone Location: Remotely control your phone via the internet of sms.

Web Site

Web Site Ipad and Iphone Media Queries

Commericial Bumper

YouTube Commercial Bumper Ad

Freq.SF commericial bumper will play before high-traffic YouTube videos that are related to the electronic music dance scene.

Club Coaster

Freq.SF coasters are strategically placed at clubs, bars, and raves where drinks are served. If you own a smartphone, you can scan the QR code to download the Freq.SF mobile app.