Finding events in the city can be a hassle, and sometimes bars can be very busy and troublesome. Infusions goal is to infuse the nightlife culture into a single easy and simple go-to app. Quickly find upcoming events and instantly order tickets. Order drinks instantly through the app and spend less time waiting, and more time socializing.


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Ordering drinks: Ordering drinks, you’ll never have to leave what you’re doing, you can browse the menu, place the order on your phone, and you’ll be notified when to pick it up. Once it’s ready, show the bartender your phone and leave. It’s that simple.

Buying an event ticket: Disovering events is now simple. You can chose the genre, browse the upcoming events, place an order for a ticket, and you’ll be emailed immedietly with your receipt!

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Ordering drinks

You are at Ruby Skye and you want to order a round on your phone while away from the bar, you'll then be notified when your drink is ready.

Buying an event ticket

You want to learn about new upcoming events and purchase tickets.

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