Mobile astronomy apps have been popular with smartphone users, but holding your phone in front of you creates a physical obstruction. The solution is by changing the format with a breathtaking hands free experience. Luminous is augmented stargazing with infinite wonder enhanced and provided with information beautifully utilizing new technology: Google Glass. This project consisted of branding, identity design, user-interface and flow, web site, and a walkthrough.


Keywords: Compass, stars, radient


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You want to locate Mars, learn about it, and have it read to you.

"Learn about..."

You want to learn about the Hubble telescope, locate it, take a photo of your discovery, and share it to Facebook to show to your friends and family.

Special Events

You want to display the special event, Perseids meteor shower, learn more about it, record it, and share the video to your followers on Twitter.


You want to display all the stars in your line of sight with names displayed and you to hangout to share your view with your friend.


"Get on Glass" Web Site

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