Typography is more than just fonts. Being font literate means to study the history and principles of font design. It is a language that is expressed through placement, composition, and type-choice that is audible, felt, and experienced. Negative space is magical, you can create it, instead of just filling it up.

Metaphor Series

Custom made typeface based on six different quotes that represent universal connection. Images availabe to download as wallpapers.

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Lettering Forms

Five different terms illustrated to the characteristics of the word. Various lettering from Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Display.

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Cartograph is geometrical font that’s inspired by Swiss, Art Deco, Aztec and Egyptian hieroglyphics. It’s a blend between all four reduced to elegance; a map of the ways the present can reinvent itself.

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Type Anatomy (Koi Fish)