Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content that are delivered to an end-user through aesthetic visual design, interface design, consistent structure, and navigation with an awareness of usability. Areas of skill include HTML, CSS, web site composition, interactive Javascript and responsive Media Queries.

Ferry Building Marketplace


A group project to redesign and develop a responsive website for the Ferry Building Marketplace integrating new content from the Farmers’ Market operated by CUESA. We retained and simplified as much of the original content from the existing site as we could, while adding new content based on feedback from farmers and patrons of the farmers’ market. Our design process simplified the navigation while retaining a classic look for the older audience that frequents the Ferry Building. Project members: Derek Fidler, Ke’ala Porter, Chris Tarampi, and Shelby Bonilla.

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Womp Euphoria


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Grub SF


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